Our Signature Savory Sauces

Different Types of Sauces Available

“The secret is in the sauce” so they say. Well, here are 20 different types of sauces that have been popular among kiosks and restaurants all over the Philippines – 4000 of them can’t be wrong. It is the key to turning your meat, veggies, seafood, or pasta into gourmet, restaurant-quality dishes. It has been the secret weapon of restaurants, and now you can have them too!

A Brief Description of Our Savory Sauces

Classic Barbecue Sauce: A rich and savory sauce with a balance of sweetness and tanginess, often used to enhance the flavor of grilled or smoked meats.

Fiery Garlic Butter Sauce: A zesty and intensely flavored sauce combining the richness of butter with the boldness of garlic and a kick of heat.

Flaming Buffalo Sauce: A spicy and tangy sauce known for its association with buffalo wings, adding a fiery kick to chicken and other dishes.

Garlic Barbecue Sauce: A sauce that combines the robust flavor of garlic with the classic elements of barbecue, creating a savory and aromatic addition to grilled dishes.

Garlic Butter Sauce: A smooth and creamy sauce infused with the aromatic essence of garlic and the indulgent richness of butter, often used as a versatile topping or dip.

Honey Barbecue Sauce: A sweet and savory sauce merging the natural sweetness of honey with traditional barbecue flavors, ideal for glazing and dipping.

Honey Glaze Sauce: A luscious and sweet sauce featuring the richness of honey, often used to provide a glossy finish and enhance the flavor of roasted or grilled foods.

Hot Korean Barbecue Sauce: A sauce inspired by Korean barbecue flavors, offering a blend of spiciness, umami, and sweetness that is characteristic of Korean cuisine.

Japanese Teriyaki Sauce: A flavorful and versatile sauce known for its balanced combination of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, commonly used in Japanese cuisine for marinating and grilling.

Japanese Teriyaki Sauce (Premium): A richer Teriyaki sauce, flavorful and versatile, known for its balanced combination of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, commonly used in Japanese cuisine for marinating and grilling.

Orange Glaze Sauce: A tangy and slightly sweet sauce featuring the refreshing citrus flavor of oranges, often used to add a vibrant twist to various dishes.

Sesame Barbecue Sauce: A sauce enriched with the nutty taste of sesame seeds, enhancing the smoky flavors of barbecue with an additional layer of complexity.

Signature Blazing Hot Sauce: A distinctive and intensely spicy sauce that carries a unique blend of flavors, representing a restaurant or brand’s bold and memorable creation.

Smoked Barbecue Sauce: A sauce infused with the essence of smokiness, complementing the rich flavors of barbecue and adding a depth of taste reminiscent of smoked meats.

Spiced Sriracha: A sauce that elevates the heat of sriracha with additional spices, creating a fiery and flavorful condiment perfect for adding a kick to various dishes.

Spicy Caribbean Sauce: A sauce inspired by Caribbean flavors, typically featuring a blend of spices, tropical fruits, and peppers that create a spicy and exotic taste.

Spicy Garlic Barbecue Sauce: A bold and piquant sauce combining the heat of spices with the pungency of garlic, designed to intensify the taste of barbecued items.

Spicy Honey Glaze: A glaze that combines the warmth of honey with a touch of heat, resulting in a sweet and spicy coating for meats and vegetables.

Sweet Chili Sauce: A sauce offering a harmonious blend of sweetness and spiciness, often used as a dipping sauce or marinade in Asian cuisine.

Zesty Lemon Sesame Sauce: A sauce that captures the brightness of lemon and the richness of sesame, creating a vibrant and textured flavor profile suitable for a variety of dishes.