Brew Sauce by MLI Delish Treats: 20 Different Types of Sauces to Satisfy Every Taste Bud

For years, we have been the supplier of the finest Signature Sauces (under the Brew Sauce brand) to over 4000 kiosks and restaurants across the Philippines. Now you can level up your own restaurant menu or enjoy it at home, too – just order online! 

Whether you are looking to level up your meat, seafood, veggie dish, or pasta, or wanting to WOW your guests with exciting flavors,  we have 20 different types of sauces to satisfy every palate.

From basic sauces for meat, vegetables, and fish to garlicky, sweet, or spicy, we have it all for you! Turn your regular meals to gourmet level with just a touch of any of these yummy sauces. Check out our gallery for the complete line of sauce variants. 

They are all so good, that we have had queries on dealership, so we are up for that too!